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Are you confident that you are on track? Could you achieve the results you want faster? Could you go further than what you thought possible?

As a leader driving your organisation to “success” (however you have defined it), do you have the best plans, skills and processes to reach and engage with your audiences, deliver customer satisfaction every time, grow your sales, innovate, increase your profits, achieve more with the least effort? Your path to greater success does not have to be that hard!

If you do not have smart market and business insights, focused plans integrated across all aspects of your business, effective people and processes and some financial stability, you cannot be proactive, you can only react under stress. That makes you, your brand and your whole organisation vulnerable, now and in the future.

Act before your competitors outsmart you!

Give your organisation and yourself a genuine competitive edge. It will give you greater control of your destiny and freedom from “fire-fighting” to tackle new opportunities. Being complacent because current performance is OK does not guarantee that what has worked in the past or even now will be right for tomorrow.

What can I do today that I didn’t do yesterday, that will make me better tomorrow?

Eric Bailey

Are you always seeking to improve how you build the value of your business?
Are you less than 100% confident that you have everything under control to get the results you want?

We strongly recommend that you seek the independent perspective of a experienced professional who can
– look at your business from the inside and the outside,
– and see your brand and the market with the eyes of your customers or competitors or your bank.
Then you may find it beneficial to get help from seasoned specialists who have the experience, the expertise and the resources to provide the customised and coordinated support that will work for you.

Reaching your goals the easier way!

From giving you an unbiased analysis of your brand and your opportunities to creating with you the roadmap and helping you implement the strategies and action plans, Garnier Marketing can contribute to your wins and make the process of change enjoyable for you and your people.

4 pillars of profitable growthWouldn’t you love to remove the factors blocking your in-market performance, causing stress and limiting your ambitions?

That is what we do, with a structured process, proven tools and our team of selected partners.

Our customisable solutions are co-ordinated and structured around 4 key complementary themes:

  • BRAND: Optimise your brand strategy, development, communication and activities
  • PEOPLE: Align your people’ energy, and your own, to implement your brand strategy and deliver the best customer experience
  • SYSTEMS: Manage your prospects, customers and the drivers of your business performance; communicate with your market in a way that strengthens your brand
  • FINANCE: Fund your business growth, recovery or innovation astutely

We take the stress away with 3 steps:

Listen, observe, investigate, challenge
Clarify, focus your vision & goals
Identify gaps and leverage points
Stretch your comfort zone to new ideas
Start with market needs & customer benefits
Work with the end in mind
Workshop strategies and solutions together
Co-ordinate integrated solutions
Team-up with selected specialists
Communicate, coach, train,
Measure results, monitor progress, resource
Align resources & processes
Facilitate accountability and 
better decision making

Enjoy new brand vitality and new business dynamics

We add value by enabling you to better position your brand, reach and engage with your customers and shape your business into fighting fitness and focus. We help you focus your resources on growing your brand profitably and effectively, driving change where it is needed.

Depending on your location and your need, we work with you face-to-face or on-line. In both cases our roadmaps and practical support give you the confidence to look at your brand and your business in a new light and to chase stronger results. It will not break the bank, it will save you money and effort and it will accelerate your success.

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