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Building your brand with care

Building your brand with care in every decision you make & everything you do

How confident are you that your marketing works as well as it should and is taking you towards sustainable growth and a high business value?

It is not uncommon to see businesses increase sales, market share and short term profit, yet fill the sales pipeline and keep the factory going rather than build a healthy future.

Thinking honestly about a few questions usually brings out the realisation that the longer term may not be as rosy as we’d like. The following thought starters generate good discussion points in my brand workshops and often the teams discover that they don’t know enough about what their market thinks, nor what it should think:

  • How solid is your brand reputation and relationship with your customers and consumers?
  • Are they indifferent to your brand or are they “wedded” to it?
  • Do all your ideal customers demand your brand?
  • Are they bringing you more sales by spreading the good word about your brand?
  • Or are you at risk because they have no clear reason to think your brand first, to choose it repeatedly, to recommend it?

5 core principles

Your brand can be a winner IF

  • It is clearly differentiated, well designed for a well defined market and has a crystal clear strategy
  • Your brand connects with your market better than its competitors do
  • Your plans are focused and realistic yet daring
  • Your people understand your brand and are aligned to your vision
  • Your whole business is customer focused and able to deliver the right brand experience

The most expensive marketing is the one that does not work.

Nick Nelson

Taking a total business view of your brand or portfolio of brands enables you to ensure that everything you do, personally and through your team, your partners, trade channels…. contributes to the strength of your brand. The synergy reduces costs and effort over time, protects against competitive pressure, improves performance and your ability to create or take market opportunities successfully.

Our BrandFirst© solutions are designed to accelerate your results and help you build your brand consistently, efficiently and effectively. We help you put your brand at the heart of everything you do without compromise for short term “fixes” or fear.

Our free report “7 Steps to Power-Up Your Brand” gives you a simple road map to understand the dynamics of your brand, your market and its potential, plan for launch, growth or recovery, optimise your brand communication and gear up for marketing efficiency and effectiveness at all stages of the lifecycle of your brand or brands’ portfolio.

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