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dynamic information systems support brand growth

Your information & communication systems must support brand growth

It is not that long ago that you had to wait every month to get data on your business performance, or that you had to spend a lot of money and time to find out what some of your customers did or thought.

Our brand information needs are changing fast!

From no information yesterday, we now run the risk of drowning in information and of being left behind by our competitors if they have a smarter way to deal with it. Technology advances make it easier every day to access a vast array of numbers, stories, comments… and to analyse them “our way” and to share facts, analyses and ideas. In doing so, we add to the quantity of information and don’t always control well enough how it should be distributed and used.

With that technology change comes a change of expectations by our consumers and customers, partners and our people. It is no longer acceptable to refuse to share or to say “I don’t know”, “I do not have the information”, “you’ll have to wait”….

Accessing, organising and using information still requires a fair amount of resources, tools and money. Our need for insights and actionable information supporting our decisions is constantly changing as our business grows, becomes more complex, our market more challenging, and our ambitions greater.

Working out what to do can be daunting and the ostrich head-in-the-sand approach will only make matters worse!
The first step to feeling in control, rather than being scared by “Systems”, is to define what we need to know and do, how, why and also when we need to act upon it, not just today as we currently operate but as we progress through challenges and opportunities towards our vision.

Our Communication needs are revolutionised too!

A fear of systems is often accompanied by a fear of the internet in general and social media in particular, as time-wasters and/or uncontrollable threats to the business image.

Many small and medium businesses set up their websites because they “felt they had to do it”but had unrealistic expectations. Sadly instant visibility and sales miracles did not happen. They were hard to find, did not attract much traffic, nor converted leads into sales.

Some gave up on updating their sites, resisted the opportunities opened by blogging and social media. “Abandoned sites” and out-of-date communication out-of-step with the market’s need and expectations don’t provide a good customer experience nor build the brand! The increasing use of mobile phones and tablets makes some sites designed for desktops and laptops totally ineffective.

The situation gets worse when businesses ignore the potential synergy between social media (profiles and activity) and their website as a traffic and communication hub. A well defined strategy, realistic allocation of resources and the use of efficient tools and

Additionally many business owners and managers struggle to imagine the value of connecting their website and their customer relationship management tools (assuming that they have one). This typically results in disjointed data, too many tools and systems to learn, use and manage.

Time to plan well!

“Too much, too hard, too expensive and time consuming…” Does this feel familiar? The flip side of that coin is that it has never been so easy to collect, connect, analyse multiple data, to use amazing software without having to install it, to reach consumers, customers, prospects and sell anywhere in the world.

It is not easy to recognise tomorrow’s needs, what we could do better and what snowball effect that would have. Once we understand that, we can decide what to do and plan to implement a solution that is going to work now, and be capable of expanding and evolving with our needs, so we don’t have to start from scratch again and again. It is a matter of strategy, of coherence between our vision and our plans, of priorities and solutions for funding and resourcing and of course of smart project management.

That is why we recommend a professional approach with the combined help of an independent business advisor and a system specialist. So talk to us about what can be done to align your information processes and tools with your marketing and sales vision. Our totally customisable BrandSystems© programs can give effective answers to your questions and open new opportunities.

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