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Funding Your Brand Growth

Good finance management and plans contribute to a sustainable future

Solid marketing and sales plans supported by a good sales team are critical success drivers but you need more to take your brand and your business to its true potential!

Not all sales turn into profit equally. Making money and building a profitable and sustainable business requires excellent cashflow management, risk management, and a clear understanding how operational issues may reduce your ability to grow profitably.

These are not matters that can just be left with “bean counters”. To reach the vision that started the business or shaped its direction, a strategic approach to finance is required.

If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.

B.C. Forbes

Whether you are in a start-up phase, in a fast or moderate growth cycle or in a recovery mode, you are likely to need some funding at some stage. The finance options that may be right for you may be traditional or may need to be a bit more “creative” to give you a real edge.

Understanding what is available and most helpful to your business and to your brand enables you to target the right financial institutions, government organisations and investors.

Getting the support of your bank or other parties starts with understanding what they want to hear and see before they will support your plans. And you need to be able to present that information in a well structured business case backed-up by the right data.

When all these elements are neatly aligned, your brand and your business have a good base from which to become as successful as you want and fight your market challenges along the way.

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