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How to navigate your brand

managing the market challenges

Navigate wisely through the constant changes
& challenges of your market

You, like me, are operating in a market where customer dynamics keep evolving and the evolution of technology keeps changing how we do everything we do every day:
– work, network
– plan and execute our strategies,
– communicate with staff, peers, customers, suppliers, friends, communities…
So you, like me, need to navigate wisely.

Whether I am helping business owners to fast track the success of their brands or coaching young managers seeking to optimise their personal brand and career path, there is a recurring theme:
Taking control of your destiny (your business brand’s or your own) is the only way to progress towards your vision.

Are you seeing the opportunities first, and most clearly?

Time flies – It is up to you to be the navigator.

Robert Orben

If you don’t navigate your course well, you are allowing your competitors to be smarter navigators and block your path to success!

Wikepedia tells us that the navigator’s primary responsibility is to be aware of position at all times. His/her responsibilities include planning the journey, estimating the timing to destinations and ensuring hazards are avoided.

In business and marketing, those responsibilities include planning, mapping out the market, its changes, identifying the available roads to success, traffic lights and obstacles, possible speeds.., all that done promptly and well to let you make sound decisions at the right time.

As a brand owner, you owe it to yourself, your people and your business to passionately drive your brand through all the changes around you. To be successful you must stay focused on your vision yet be flexible enough to keep adjusting the course when it is required, as you embrace change.

When the pressure is on, it is tempting to rush to do more of the same just harder. Many of us have been there, feeling the frustration as we sank more money and effort for insufficient results. Effective brand navigation demands focus, discipline, a sound process, and some smart practical tracking tools, all geared for good decision making and timely action.

Understand what matters to your market!
Take the time to listen to your market, hear what it is telling you about opportunities and challenges. Seek to understand what makse a difference to your brand success.

Being fast is not the same as cutting corners! You cannot afford to ignore or misunderstand your market. Keeping your brand positioned to meet the needs of your ideal customers better than anyone else and generate customer preference is more vital than ever.

It is imperative that you understand your market and recognise clearly the challenges and opportunities emerging through the changes in your brand landscape – trends, current/emerging competitors, communication technology…

Listening to your market also gives you the necessary cues to express your unique value to your ideal customers, engage with them and build valuable relationships. Make sure you identify where you can find and reach out to your market with the right language and the right media.

Too many websites use clever technology, promote good products/services yet do not use the customer language, nor look at the offer and the brand from the eyes of the customer, and do not seek/use feedback. Don’t tolerate that waste for your brand!

In this age of messages overload, navigating to success also means identifying the most effective ways to engage with your market. Technology enables lots of new communication ways but it only delivers real benefits when it complements a sound understanding of the market and a desire to engage durably with customers and prospects.

Observe and tell your brand story from the customer’s view point, aim for successful customer outcomes, measure what you achieve, and keep raising your game.

If you think that you have not got the time, think again! Slowing down briefly to improve your navigation will save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

Navigating you personal brand to your own success

Are you a navigator, do you make things happen, with lasting impact?
Would you benefit from tuning-up your navigation skills?

Both your “business brand” and your personal brand should be important to you. They are closely interconnected. Complacency is not an option in both cases. Take the time to reflect on what behaviours you can change to increase your navigation capability.

I recommend that you read some of Heiner Karst’s blog posts around the theme of “navigating” and that you reflect on how these “tune-ups” can help you. I would suggest as starting points Taking stock and KPIs. On a complementary note, I often refer to his blog Are you listening. If we can’t listen, we can’t navigate or communicate well!

Some of us try to avoid certain “tough questions”, which just makes it harder to get the results we really want. Heiner asks firmly yet gently the right questions; importantly his blog provides powerful insights and easy to follow tips. An experienced senior business person with a great ability to connect, Heiner is a highly sought after professional, personal and executive performance coach.

Let’s Talk Coaching is focused on helping you “raise your game, stretch your goals, navigate the forks in your road”. That is a strong brand stement and a genuine reflection of the man behind the brand – an ideal synergy with my brand perspective.

Invest your time in yourself and your personal brand; enjoy the reading or listening of Heiner’s book or blog! Be an effective navigator!
Contact me to discuss how we can jointly help you reach your goals.

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