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Passionate brand team

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When recruiting and managing people, many business owners think about the tasks to be completed, not the brand to be built, often because they themselves are task oriented first, being caught up in the day-to-day running of the business.

Finding the right people

In his often quoted book “Good to Great”, Jim Collins wrote “…to build a successful organization and team you must get the right people on the bus.” Have you worked out who the “right people” are for your business and your brand? What kind of people does your brand need to grow today and tomorrow?

Successful brands are built by people who see themselves as “Brand Champions” and put their passion and energy, as well as their technical skills and experience, into bringing the brand to life and developing it, whatever role they play. And that applies to everyone in the business, not just people officially labelled as marketing or sales and regardless of their full-time or part-time, casual or permanent or even contract role.

Enabling them to be effective brand champions

Connecting people and your brand from day 1 and every day after that is a task that many do not take seriously. They assume that it just happen and that the focus on the brand does not need systematic nurturing. Sadly, even with the best people on board, this lack of brand focus makes success more difficult to achieve and reduces individual and team effectiveness.

Never mistake activity for achievement

John Wooden

I was fortunate to work in some companies where the induction process, the performance review method, the people development and succession plans were designed and upgraded to support a customer-centric culture and a brand building commitment. I witnessed first-hand the difference made by the implementation or improvements of those processes. They supported a solid alignment behind the brand goals, increased teamwork and job satisfaction and improved effectiveness on what mattered. It was awesome to see the pride in a new “brand hero” status for a whole team, the recognition through new career opportunities across operating units and headquarters…

This same approach, simplified, can be applied to small and medium businesses and even to a lean and mean start-up or a solo-business.

Being passionate about both people and brands, Garnier Marketing can help you define and implement coaching, training and process solutions that make short term and long term success a lot easier. The purpose of our LeadersWays© programs is to help you put each person in the right role and support everyone to give the best of themselves to the brand and to grow within the “brand team”.

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