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BrandFirst© Programs

Lifting brand performance with BrandFirst Programs

Taking your brand to new heights

Would you like to accelerate the launch, growth or recovery of your brand, build sales whilst insulating yourself from price wars, make the sales process easier and make more money per customer, product or service?

Make your brand a true winner!

Our brand-focused consulting, coaching and training solutions and our implementation support packages are designed from years of practical business and marketing experience and proven results.

We aim to make a significant difference to your brand power and success so we take a broad approach to marketing and branding and, where appropriate, we extend the value we deliver by integrating the specialist expertise of our preferred partners into coordinated solutions.

You chose the level of support you want in line with your needs and your context, from situation reviews to workshop moderation to extensive consulting, from traditional face to face work to online support.

Call us for a FREE no-obligation consultation.
If you are based in Melbourne, we will meet face to face.
If you are a solopreneur or copreneur based outside of Melbourne or overseas, your free consultation will be via Skype. You may find our individual and group coaching on-line solutions very cost effective.

Typical BrandFirst© solutions

  • Brand Health Check Audit
  • Brand building support
  • Brand revitalisation (workshop/strategy report)
  • Effective brand strategy and marketing plan made easy
  • 6 steps to an effective website (workshop)
  • Website story and online marketing
  • Marketing is everyone’s role (workshop)
  • Marketing briefs – How to get the best results
  • Project management
  • Optimise your market Insights
  • Project management

Typical complementary programs

  • Accelerating brand sales – training
  • Interim marketing & sales management
  • Marketing & sales teams recruitment and development
  • Customer management solutions
  • Your marketing performance dashboard
  • Funding you brand’s innovation plan

Complementary programs are developed and run by Garnier Marketing partners within the overall support package designed and co-ordinated by Garnier Marketing, ensuring that all elements are tightly integrated and deliver a cost and time effective solution. Contact us for a no-obligation free chat about your brand.

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