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SmartFinance© Programs

smartfinance programs

Our SmartFinance programs deliver
powerful knowledge and wise strategies

Finding time to work on your business and optimise your finance management is hard when there is so much to do working in your business.

You can accelerate your progress towards your goals by getting help from experienced business advisors who have the expertise to understand your business drivers and blockers and to help turn your finance management into a competitive edge.

Finance strategy and management made easier!

Our SmartFinance© programs are designed to improve your brand profitability and power: The team and the finance management solutions they tailor for you combine the marketing and finance skills of complementary specialists. This ensures that

  • you get maximum insights from your accounts
  • you recognise what you need to fix and what you can leverage
  • you access funding solutions which are totally integrated with your brand strategy
  • the way you present your “brand story” to your banker is clear and strong enough to increase the support you receive from your finance institution.

Typical SmartFinance© programs:

Finance Health Check Audit
Identifying financial risks and brand strategy blockers
 Enabling Brand Growth
1. Financing Innovation*
2. Managing cashflow*
3. Spending on what matters*
4. Changing business scale**
These consulting programs are developed and run by Garnier Marketing partner In-Context Finance(*) and DSTgroup(**) in the context of the overall support program designed and co-ordinated by Garnier Marketing

Medium size businesses usually seek one-on-one consulting. Recognising the specific needs of solopreneurs and very small businesses for lower cost coaching and implementation support, we are also able to provide selected on-line training, coaching and support programs. Contact us for a no-obligation free consultation .

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