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LeadersWays© Programs

helping team lead the brand

Helping people lead brands to success

Our LeadersWays© solutions are focused on building individual and team effectiveness in delivering brand growth, be it the corporate brand or a portfolio of brands or a personal brand.

These programs have been created from years of recruiting, managing and developing people and teams in large and small businesses leading or targeting leadership in their market.

Our practical experience as marketer, project leader and senior manager gives our programs a unique focus: We focus on tangible results aligned to delivering the brand vision and the brand experience that will generate brand loyalty internally and externally.

Our equal passion for people and brands also means that our programs provide support to the individuals and the teams, empowering them to become “heroes” and achieve beyond their own expectations.

Who exactly seeks a coach? Winners who want more out of life.
Chicago Tribune

Most of our coaching programs can be delivered on Skype and online, as well as face to face. This makes it easier to fit coaching in an already busy work life and more affordable.

LeadersWays programs are structured and coordinated by Garnier Marketing. According to your needs, we integrate proven programs designed and delivered by our specialist partners DSTpeople4business, Let’s Talk Coaching, Thonemans Services.

Contact us for a no-obligation FREE consultation where we can understand the scope of your needs and how best to address it.

Typical LeadersWays© programs

Personal & team development

  • Brand building coaching
  • Brand communication coaching
  • Sales skills Training & coaching
  • Personal & Team Development
  • Personal Insights & performance lift
  • Personal Communication coaching
  • Leadership coaching

HR processes

  • Recruitment & induction
  • Managing for performance
  • Succession & career planning

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