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As I observe the dynamics during a brand workshop, I am regularly reminded how easy it is to get into “immediate action mode” as action seems to be what is expected from us business owners and senior managers. We forget to consider and nurture the fit between us and our brand, between our people and our brand. Yet, if the fit is good, the energy and passion are high, achieving success feels easier; if the fit is not great, energy is not great either and performance suffers.

You and your people are your brand

In the eyes of your customers, suppliers and trade partners, your people are the life of your brand, therefore they are your brand. So what kind of brand fits you? What kind of people fits your brand?

When I was recruiting people for my team in a large organisation, I followed a thorough selection process including the use of psychometric tests; that gave me a lot of confidence in making the right choice. I also liked to engage the dialogue around the brand, asking the short listed candidates “if you were a brand, what brand would you be or like to be”. It told me a lot about their fit with the rest of the team and with the brands we were building in a tough generic market. It was a challenging question for some but it was also a fun question to which many young people could relate, a good way to start on the right foot.

Connecting your people and your brand

How would you describe your brand? How well do you understand it and share your vision with your staff?

The brand dialogue I started with my new recruits continued with my team as we focused on what we had to do to go from a weak position in the market to making good money and being highly respected inside and outside of the business. We were not going to win if everyone in the team did not believe in our brand and in their personal link to it. Turning a “losing team” into a winning team demanded tough decisions, hard work, focus on common goals, determination and passion.

Some people think of marketing as the glamour side of a business but in reality marketing the brand is everyone’s business and it takes a lot of unglamourous tasks, as well as a few fun ones! We all know that, at a personal level, when we don’t believe in what we are doing we don’t get the best out of ourself. The same applies to marketing our brand. Your team, like mine, needs belief and passion to feel motivated to do “what it takes”, to go the extra mile, to proactively work with others rather than inadvertantly undo their good work.

Unleash the power within

When everyone in the team understands the brand, its ideal behaviour, how we individually fit with that vision, we can see, hear and feel the positive energy and the great results. When everyone sees beyond the functional aspects of a product or service, understands the customer benefits and the emotional dimension of the brand, the team can connect with the brand; mindsets, behaviours and body language change; momentum can build, one success leading to the energy to fight for the next success.

This is as important in the business-to-business market as for consumer goods. Your customers are people, not just a corporate name. Getting more business from a customer comes with building trust, belief, loyalty… If your people do not have a strong connection with your brand, how will they convey that to customers?

So, recruit people with the right fit with your brand and ensure your people are connected with your brand so they can help connect your brand and your market.

If you like the concept and would like a sounding board on how to apply it to your business beyond what you already do, contact us, I’ll be delighted to have a chat!

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