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time for answers from your IT system

Your information systems should give you insights & answers

You, like me and every business leader I know, could disappear under the mass of so-called information bombarding us everyday and still feel that we have not got the insights we need to energise our brand(s).

Mobile technology gives us instant access to facts and figures anywhere, anytime, making it easy and tempting to seek more “facts”. If we don’t “tame the beast” and make it work for us, it can kill our efficiency, send us into “analysis-paralysis” or our frustration can lead us to rush into action because we feel “we must do something” to improve sales, cashflow…

20 years ago, finding the facts and figures was hard. Today, the challenge is to get the RELEVANT information and understand it faster and better than anyone else so we can turn it into ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS we can SHARE with our team and from which we can design and implement IMPACTFUL ACTIVITY.

7 information keys to energise your brand and power up your people with timely insights

This list should not scare you, it is not rocket science, just a reminder that focus, discipline and communication are essential in everything we do and can actually save us time, effort and therefore money.

1 – Be clear on what your BRAND (and business) is about.
Keep aiming for that VISION that energised you at the start. MAP your brand with clarity. Don’t let yourself be distracted.

2 – Identify what your really must know about your market and your IDEAL CUSTOMERS.
Aim to know them better than anyone else does.That allows you to streamline your efforts to get the best results. Identify customers, products and activities that defocus your efforts. Be ruthless and brave, you are creating time for what matters most!

3 – Identify your real COMPETITORS.
Define what you know, need to know, validate, watch for, so you can behave like a leader, preempting competitor moves and market dynamics changes

4 – Understand your PROCESSES to deliver the brand experience that can turn your ideal customers into your brand champions. Identify and prioritise what holds you back, can be simplified and accelerated to improve your competitive edge.

5 – Harness the KNOWLEDGE scattered throughout the business.
Sharing information enables you and your team to see “the big picture” and understand where everyone fits in the road to great results.

6 – Agree performance MEASURES.
A plan without measures is not a plan. Agreed measures enable understanding, ownership and accountability. They support the development of a customer and brand focused culture. Simple timely measures, even imperfect, are essential to fix issues, celebrate the wins and get re-energised.

7 – REVIEW key results regularly and SHARE the insights.
Kill myths, confusion, misunderstandings, bring clarity and focus, arm your team with a common set of relevant facts and insights. It lifts your team’s brand experience and powers up your people to deliver a better brand experience to the market.

Smart adaptable informations systems make actionable insights easier than it looks

These 7 information keys form a sound base for a focused effective market research/ information plan, generating a streamlined set of valuable knowledge. That helps you drive your business and helps everyone in the team be your brand champion.

Simple tips to get your information right for your business:
– start with the end in mind,
– avoid blinkers and compromises leading you to inadequate solutions and costly changes.
– outsource resources and skills through an unbiased expert team who cares about helping you take your brand vision to reality.

A well designed information system that can grow with your brand is more accessible than ever. You can’t afford to run without a sound information plan and an effective system.

Time to talk with us about BrandSystems© solutions and streamline the systems supporting your brand.

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