Powering Up People & Brands


Françoise Garnier – CEO

Powering up people & brands – a clear focus

Françoise Garnier focuses on helping you, business leader, increase your competitive edge through your brand(s), your people and integrated marketing processes. She has shaped Garnier Marketing to contribute to the sustainable health of your business and to the achievement of your goals, through coaching, consulting and implementation support.

Prior to that, in diverse roles and companies, Françoise developed her expertise and her personal passion for powering-up people and brands which is at the heart of her business consultancy approach.

She held senior management roles in market leading australian and multinational organisations in various industries (food, tobacco, management training). Her experience spans many roles across market research, marketing, sales, new product development, cross-functional projects, team leadership, change management, and general management.

Françoise has qualifications from the University of Paris – MEc (Bus. & Marketing) & B Eng, a business school diploma (IDRAC Paris) and received accreditation in various psychometric assessment tools. She is a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business and a member of The Network Of Consulting Professionals.

Insights, In-focus, Impact – a career long motto

Françoise is recognised for her ability to pull together and communicate powerful insights, articulate focused, well structured feasible plans with measurable results, coach individuals and teams to exceed expectations and enable them to enjoy the benefits of clarity, focus and synergy. She listens, she hears and she cares. Clients get inspired, find renewed energy and enjoy the practical solutions and their implementation support.

Clients who benefit from her support programs compete in all kinds of business to business and business to consumers markets including: food, wellness industry, architects, builders and property developers, premium lifestyle products and services, retirement villages & nursing homes, retail, IT services, printing, plastics, safety, coaches & consultants … They are at various stages of their business life cycle from one man band start-ups to mature businesses.

A flexible structure for customised solutions

Our structure is lean and modular to respond to clients needs in the most effective manner.

Every client is different, with specific needs and ambitions. Garnier Marketing can respond to requests for short term projects and longer term, wider scale requirements. As Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) Françoise has access to a large worldwide network of Accredited Associates specialised in very diverse fields.

When clients need it and want it, she can call upon her network of trusted specialist partners as applicable to form the optimal support team for each client. All have impressive achievement records in their respective fields of expertise. They provide coaching, training, and consulting that support the implementation of the brand and people strategies recommended by Françoise.

When you need integrated marketing solutions

Many projects are straightforward and a pure marketing solution is what is needed and delivered by Françoise.

There are also times when we uncover business issues that would prevent you from getting maximum value out of your website or any other marketing and sales activity investment. You will need to decide what you want to do about that “success blocker”.

When you choose to follow Françoise’s advice and work with her recommended people, you experience the extra value that a carefully selected “team” can deliver. Not only are these specialists experienced and very good at what they do, they also understand the marketing need and work in alignment with Françoise, combining insights, skills and focus to accelerate impact and your business success.


Michael Boyens

Michael Boyens · Zymosys
Working jointly on your project, Françoise and Michael power up your brand and your people with dynamic systems that can evolve with your needs. Michael connects you, your people and your business with technology to refocus you all away from inefficient administrative tasks to growing your brand.
Barrie Dobson DSTcorporate

Barrie Dobson

Barrie Dobson · DSTcorporate
Françoise calls upon Barrie when changing your business’ ability to grow your brand requires a major structural shift. Barrie provides “wrap-around” support for projects such as turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, major innovation projects …
Siu Ling Hui In-Context Finance

Siu Ling Hui

Siu Ling Hui · In-Context Finance
As a team, Siu Ling and Françoise apply their aligned thinking to give your business stronger foundations and dynamics to launch, grow, expand or revitalise your brand. Siu Ling consulting and on-line coaching solutions improve how you manage financial risk and how you finance growth, whatever your business size.
Heiner Karst, Lets Talk Coaching

Heiner Karst

Heiner Karst · Let’s Talk Coaching
Heiner is a professional performance coach who helps business owners and professionals to maximise their contribution and maintain their work-life balance.
Françoise recommends Heiner’s book, “Life learnings of a life coach”, to anyone serious about raising their game as they build their personal and business brand.
Gordon Smith Thonemans Services

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith · Thonemans Services
Gordon provides sales training, coaching and management support to enable you to build your brand.
Gordon and Françoise complement each other to optimise the fit and execution of well integrated sales and marketing plans by motivated skilled teams.
John Smith DSTpeople

John Smith

John Smith · DSTpeople
John and DSTpeople makes HR easy for business owners and leaders, and delivers effective solutions to attract, develop, and retain the people who will build their brand and their business.
Françoise Garnier is an Executive Director of DSTpeople.

We can also recommend our preferred suppliers in areas such as digital marketing, design and more. We help our clients achieve the best result by getting the brief right, managing the project, validating the progress…

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