Powering Up People & Brands

Building a Strong Brand Voice – part 1

Our brand may be clear in our mind but do our target audiences think of it as we think they should? Do they even notice our brand? Is our communication working for us? If they don’t hear, see and experience it in the same way as we do, we have not been good enough at…more

Tips to Optimise Information Management

Information management ranked fifth and systems 4th in the list of key risks perceived by Australian and New Zealand companies according to Aon’s 2010/11 Australasian Risk Management Benchmarking Survey. Aon said that information management may continue to rise in the risk rankings in the coming years as organisations start to recognise the risks associated with…more

From Data Overload to Insights, Action & Success

You, like me and every business leader I know, could disappear under the mass of so-called information bombarding us everyday and still feel that we have not got the insights we need to energise our brand(s). Mobile technology gives us instant access to facts and figures anywhere, anytime, making it easy and tempting to seek…more

BrandFirst© Programs

Would you like to accelerate the launch, growth or recovery of your brand, build sales whilst insulating yourself from price wars, make the sales process easier and make more money per customer, product or service? Make your brand a true winner! Our brand-focused consulting, coaching and training solutions and our implementation support packages are designed…more

Marketing, Branding, What Does It Really Mean?

Last year I was introduced to an audience as a Brand Expert then the moderator promptly proceeded to say that she did not think of me as “marketing”. That sounded strange to me! After all, isn’t marketing about building brands? Was “building brands” more or less than “marketing” in her mind? Then I realised that…more

LeadersWays© Programs

Our LeadersWays© solutions are focused on building individual and team effectiveness in delivering brand growth, be it the corporate brand or a portfolio of brands or a personal brand. These programs have been created from years of recruiting, managing and developing people and teams in large and small businesses leading or targeting leadership in their…more

BrandSystems© Programs

Creating effective systems Our BrandSystems© solutions help you steer your brand efficiently. Garnier Marketing partners with Zymosys to offer the clients of Garnier Marketing the means of making technology work for their brand. Our consulting and implementation support solutions focus on building business effectiveness in achieving brand growth. Our team work totally integrates your systems…more

SmartFinance© Programs

Finding time to work on your business and optimise your finance management is hard when there is so much to do working in your business. You can accelerate your progress towards your goals by getting help from experienced business advisors who have the expertise to understand your business drivers and blockers and to help turn…more

How to Drive Your Brand Reputation

According to the results of Aon’s ninth annual Risk Survey** released in April 2011, damage to their brand and reputation remained the number 1 risk concern for Australia and New Zealand businesses 4 years in a row. In fact it has ranked in the top 4 concerns for 9 years. Liquidity ranked as the second…more

People & Brands, the Power Within

As I observe the dynamics during a brand workshop, I am regularly reminded how easy it is to get into “immediate action mode” as action seems to be what is expected from us business owners and senior managers. We forget to consider and nurture the fit between us and our brand, between our people and…more