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Marketing, Branding, What Does It Really Mean?

Last year I was introduced to an audience as a Brand Expert then the moderator promptly proceeded to say that she did not think of me as “marketing”. That sounded strange to me! After all, isn’t marketing about building brands? Was “building brands” more or less than “marketing” in her mind? Then I realised that…more

Make your brand a durable winner

How confident are you that your marketing works as well as it should and is taking you towards sustainable growth and a high business value? It is not uncommon to see businesses increase sales, market share and short term profit, yet fill the sales pipeline and keep the factory going rather than build a healthy…more

Your Brand

Is your brand standing out and strong? Does it have power in your market? If your marketing isn’t generating profitable and sustainable results, your brand needs a check-up and tune-up. Without a healthy brand you and your organisation are at the mercy of competitors, price wars and market shifts, the exact opposite to what you…more