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What kind of clients benefit from the experience of Garnier Marketing?

We work with clients at all stages of the business lifecycle, in all industries and in B2C (business to consumers) or B2B (business to business) markets. Our solutions are adaptable to our individual client’s need, taking into account their size and ambitions. Solopreneurs and small or medium businesses appreciate the opportunity to benefit from our experience of best practice marketing in market leaders and our access to the expertise of many trusted specialists

Our clients share key characteristics:

  • They started their business with a passion for making a difference to their market
  • They face a challenge and recognise that additional expertise and unbiased advice will fast-track their progress.

Typical situations include: A career change to start a business, a successful business wanting to grow faster, an established business “running out of puff” needing to “change gears”, or a reshaped business resulting from a merger or a buyout.

Common concerns they raise: not feeling confident about making sound decisions, frustrations about their results, wondering how to accelerate sales and how to fight aggressive competitors; they question the value of their advertising, their website and their sales efforts. They want maximum results for their marketing $ and they wonder what works/ could work for them and what doesn’t/will not. They may even question where to take their business.

What services are available?

Our services include consulting, coaching, training, marketing project management and on-going support. They all relate to building our clients’ competitive edge and that makes our services as diverse as our clients are. We take a business-wide approach and address all factors affecting the brand experience and the in-market performance of our clients.

Many projects start with a request such as
“can you fix my website”
“can you help me with my marketing”,
“can you increase my sales” or “help me fill my sales pipeline more easily”
“I need a plan to show potential investors and get my innovation project going”…

Invariably we do a marketing strategy and business capability review. From there we provide support in 4 key areas:

  • Marketing and brand development
  • People performance improvement
  • Information and communication systems optimisation
  • Innovation funding project support

We develop plans and once we agree on priorities and projects, we manage projects from brief to completion, or we run some projects ourselves.
We facilitate recruitment, people management, internal communication, skills and performance improvement.
We regularly work on internal and external communication, from strategies to execution; we work very closely with ICT providers to set-up customer databases, CRM tools, online marketing systems…

How do I benefit from working with you?

Being a no-nonsense marketer and senior manager with practical experience of the challenges our clients face, I am committed to delivering tangible results. We go beyond recommendations, we provide implementation support, ongoing advice, coaching and management as applicable.

We help you

  • optimise your brand positioning, direction, communication & activities
  • align your people’s energy to your brand strategy
  • fund your business growth astutely
  • manage customers and performance

We identify performance blockers, recommend alternative processes, facilitate change in culture, practices and processes. We often hear clients say that we inspire them and revitalise their passion for their brand.

Examples of outcomes delivered include

  • Clear market-centered strategies, brand directions, guidelines and activities
  • Aligned and streamlined marketing & sales processes, practices and systems
  • Greater ability to achieve internal teams alignment and synergy in growing the brand
  • A better brand experience, in market and internally
  • Higher efficiency and effectiveness of marketing projects on-line and off-line
  • Increased ability to create demand for and profitable sales of products and services
  • Strategies to enhance resilience to market pressures
  • increased trade and customer engagement
  • Time and money savings
  • Brand and business plans that gain banker, investor and government agencie support

Why should we work together?

With Garnier Marketing, you can enjoy the benefit of
+ Unbiased Insights
+ Independent In-focus advice and customised solutions that work for you
+ Demonstrable Impact

What differentiates me from many marketers is that I combine 3 complementary business perspectives to deliver a holistic effective solution:

  • I use the marketing fundamental concepts, tools and processes that I learnt and practiced in key roles with market leaders like the Mars group, Bunge Group or Philip Morris;
  • I blend this with the total business perspective, processes & cultural change management experience I gained from my various GM roles at Sunicrust Bakeries/ Bunge Group;
  • I apply the practical insights I gained from my diverse SME clients.

An unusual marketer, I am known for cutting existing marketing budgets and reallocating money where it can have a stronger impact on the capability of a business to grow profitable brands.

Through Garnier Marketing you also access a network of business-wise coaches & advisers with extensive senior experience and specialist skills. Together we bring you roadmaps and practical proven solutions that increase your confidence, open new perspectives and enable you to generate new business dynamics and improve results.

How do we work together?

How we work together depends on the nature of your needs, your personal preferences and your location.
During our no-obligation free consultation on your business marketing plans we will jointly determine what is the best approach for you.
During that session and throughout our engagement with you, we listen to you, your people and your market. We hear, we care and we deliver practical support for tangible results.

Flexible solutions for better results

  • We can work together on a project by project basis, or under
  • We provide our consulting, coaching, training face to face at your offices and on-line (Skype, webinars, membership forum) or using a combination of these options as applicable.
  • You can choose from off-the-shelf programs to light customisation to fully tailored solutions. Along the way we review the progress steps together and we give you our recommendations to getting you and your people on the right track to achieve your objectives in the most practical and cost effective way.
  • When we call upon the services of our preferred partners, the nature of the individual project will determine the recommended process for this element of our support.
  • For specific examples of what we do for you, check the “Problems & Solutions” page. We continuously update our services and technology capability to match clients’ needs. To know more about our approach and to keep informed on our new options, subscribe to our free report or tell us by using the contact form.

    How much does it cost?

    When we first meet, for our first hour of consultation (free and no-obligation) face to face or on Skype if you are overseas or in remote areas, we will assess how we can provide value to you and what resource commitment will be required from you.
    We will agree on the solution or set of solutions that optimises results, saves time and keeps costs down.

    For projects, charges are based on a daily rate (minimum half-day charge). All projects are scoped out and a fee agreement is approved prior to any work being done. This ensures clarity and efficiency for all concerned.

    Our on-going business support formula gives you easy access to our support as and when you need it. This is a very cost effective option for longer term support.

    For some of our start-up and solopreneur clients anywhere in the world, our membership forum will be a practical way to get answers to their daily questions.

    Contact us to discuss what will work best for you.

    How do you protect our interests and the confidentiality of our business information?

    We always aim to do the right thing by our clients and partners
    We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Privacy. We are committed to establishing long term relationships with our clients. Demonstrating a high level of professionalism in everything we do is fundamental to gaining and keeping the trust of our clients and partners.

    We will only provide advice in our personal areas of competence and will carefully select partners with appropriate complementary competence to provide you with a well integrated solution. We and our partners work as a team on your project(s) during which we operate under the same confidentiality agreement and code of ethics.

    In summary, we commit to

    • carrying our professional duties responsibly and with integrity;
    • collecting, analysing and presenting facts without bias;
    • disclosing to you any benefit we may gain from third parties in the course of your project(s);
    • maintaining the highest level of confidentiality of your information and project details, including past confidential information, proposals, reports, recommendations.

    Any information collected through your visit to this website, any research, phone call or meeting with your, your people, customers… will be handled with the highest standards of confidentiality in accordance with the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000.

    The following standards are referred to in the above Act:

    • Garnier Marketing will only use and disclose the information you provided for the reason it was obtained. Information may be disclosed in the concern of public interest, such as law enforcement or the interest of individual or public health and safety.
    • Reasons for collection of information will be outlined along with how it will be used, how you may obtain access to the information and the consequences of not providing the information.
    • Garnier Marketing will take the appropriate steps to ensure the integrity and security of all information collected.
    • Apart from using relevant information for delivering our services to you directly and through third parties (who may need to access your information for that purpose), we may use the information we collect from you to communicate with you, keep up to date records and where applicable display personalised content.
    • We may analyse the information to improve the relevance and usefulness of our services and our communication with you including this website.