Powering Up People & Brands


Clarity and transparency is important to us. No one likes surprises about costs and resource requirements.

Any engagement is supported by a clear scope definition, agreed prior to commencement. Our respective responsibilities and estimated resource requirements to meet the agreed milestones, project completion date….. are clearly defined. This can be jointly reviewed and modified at anytime to ensure relevance and value to your business.

Any unforeseen cost arising during the project will be discussed and approved prior to commencement of that part of the program.

Payment terms for projects are typically 14 days, charges being paid monthly in advance for on-going support programs, and/or according to an agreed payment schedule for specific programs.

Online coaching programs are paid upfront in a single payment for fixed term programs or with monthly instalments for subscription forums.

When we use the services of one of our preferred partners within one of our solutions, your contract will be with Garnier Marketing. The Confidentiality Agreement we sign at the start of our engagement, and the Code of Conduct under which we operate will cover our preferred partners.

Where a third party service is used to complement our solutions (for example: graphic design, website development, systems design and implementation …), your contract will typically be with that third party.