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The following comments on the outcomes my clients achieve through my consulting and coaching and on my style were originally posted on LinkedIn.

quotes-smallFrançoise has a keen focus on branding and the broader field of marketing. She has exhibited her capabilities and willingness to contribute throughout our dealings at the Institute for Independent Business network and at Pharos Coaching. She also has a very strong humanistic approach that makes her instantly likable, a great attribute in her field of work.
Chris Rogers · Director at Zymurgy Australia Pty Ltd

quotes-smallI know Françoise through our mutual Accredited Associate status with the Institute for Independent Business. 
I have worked with Françoise and Garnier Marketing with two of my key clients. Both clients are very different and had very different requirements. Françoise, through her Garnier Marketing Brand Audit process, delivered insightful information and recommendations. The information, research and analysis with each business resulted in great focus. This focus enabled them to embark on clearly focused and tailored activity in a structured, impactful way. 
Françoise is personable, fun, insightful, and has the experience and knowledge to have a real impact on the perception, direction and success of a business. 
I will certainly be working with Françoise again.
William Heine · Director at Anderson-Smith Pty Ltd

quotes-smallI’ve been working with Françoise on a branding exercise getting a business website ready for a Christmas promotion. The impact of Françoise’ involvement has been nothing short of astounding. Half way through the project, the website has been transformed, the message has become relevant and the business owners have understood for the first time what it is that they are trying to do on the internet. I would recommend Francoise to anyone. Brilliant!
Mark Balla · Consultant, Accredited Associate, Institute for Independent Business

quotes-smallFrançoise has helped several clients of mine to review their branding and marketing methods. Her process brings out the key elements very well, and leaves the client with great direction on marketing their unique benefits. Françoise is also an active member of our professional network, the Institute for Independent Business (IIB).
Tony Telfer · Principal, TCO Business Support

quotes-smallFrançoise has exceptional capability in identifying improvements to material used for marketing your company and is able to ascertain clearly what your intentions are and deliver advice to achieve them.
Kirsteen Rowntree · Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist at Kirsteen Rowntree

quotes-smallI have known Françoise for over 5 years through a professional organisation – the Institute for Independent Business International. I am pleased to recommend Françoise to any organisation who wants to improve their brand awareness and coordinate their marketing activities into a successful programme. Business savvy and hard working, Françoise is someone you will be pleased to meet and work with. I will be happy to take direct enquiries if requested.
Mike Lescai · Managing Director, Meerkat Group

quotes-smallAs a fellow Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, I invited Françoise to apply her unique and highly professional marketing expertise to assist a manufacturing client of mine who was looking to expand internationally. With Françoise’s assistance, we derived a clear plan of attack, a clear understanding of my client’s key differentiators and a client engagement model to establish new customer relationships. 

As a result of Françoise’s guidance, I know that my client now has a very clear understanding of how to effectively market themselves internationally as well as what needs to be done to translate this into real results.
Ian Ash · Managing Director at OrgMent Business Solutions Pty Ltd

quotes-smallI have had the pleasure of working with Françoise over a number of years. A strategic and visionary thinker, she has the rare ability of being able to draw out and distill the critical factors that business owners need to address for effective brand building and marketing strategies. 

Françoise is a totally client-centric professional. She’s not about cookie-cutter strategies. Instead, she works very closely with business owners to develop and implement strategies that are specific to each business’ circumstances. 

Françoise is passionate about getting results for her clients and she does not deviate from what she believes is in the best interests of her clients. 

Branding and marketing are more critical than ever today for building value. Françoise’s expertise is invaluable for business owners who want to achieve their business objectives.
Siu Ling Hui · In-Context Finance | Business Coaching – Cash Flow Kung Fu

quotes-smallFrançoise is a great inspirer. 

She is very charming and easy to get on with. However, she’s no push-over and is direct when needed. She takes a considered view of most things she is involved with but she’s not slow at making an assessment. She brings her considerable expertise to bare without any great evidence of effort. She is a great inspirer.
Robert Williams · Voice & Speech Coach, Trainer, Writer & Broadcaster

quotes-small Françoise’s attention to the important details ensures her Marketing Strategies deliver results every time. Her ability to connect with people quickly means her coaching delivers real value to her clients – on both a personal level and in their ability to improve their performance. I recommend Françoise with great confidence.
Barbara Craven · Achievement Coaching International